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Who Rocks New Mexico

30 May

CliffDweller Digital has produced over 1500 half-hour television programs over the last 15 years, including our local business show, Who Rocks New Mexico?

Who Rocks New Mexico?

Is a local New Mexico television program that highlights the different businesses of New Mexico. 

Wolf Daddy's Pack Life

30 May

Wolf Daddy’s Pack Life is an exciting new series, coming to FidoTV, about the life and trials of the crew of the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in scenic New Mexico.

Big News & Gratitude

17 October

A week ago last Saturday was a momentous occasion. Reflecting on it now, the surprise and elation is still as present as it was then. 

On October 8th, the NM True Crew won Regional Emmy® Awards for our work on New Mexico True Television, the series garnering the award in the Magazine Program category. 

I know we have earned this. I know the pride I feel in the show. I know the many people, places, and stories we have shared deserve this. But it still humbles me. And it still feels surreal.

When the show first started, I felt undermanned and short of resources. And crafting six shows in the time allotted for our pilot season was a serious challenge, to say the least. But we did it. And CliffDweller Digital was contracted to do another season. And it kept going. We're still doing it today, nearly three years later. Even three days ago, when we arrived onsite for a shoot, the locals couldn't believe there were only three of us in the field. They expected at least 15 people. And while at one point I felt undermanned, today I feel like we have the perfect unit. I love my team. I truly believe it is our unique dynamic, our work ethic, our passion for what we are doing, and the relationships we have formed in every corner of this state, that have contributed to our success.

New Mexico True Television Wins Regional Emmy 

Beyond the ‘NM True Crew’ – Michael Newman (host, editor), James Blackburn (videographer, editor), and myself – we have been fortunate to pull on the support of the rest of the CliffDweller Digital team. We would not be where we are without them. Sharing in this achievement are Dan Schueler (an integral part of our editing team), Heather Holcomb, Richard Holcomb, Janine Sjostrom, Chuck Tjeltweed, Cindy Melo, and Alf Barreiro.

With the continued support and encouragement from the New Mexico Tourism Department, particularly Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Latham and Video Services Manager Dan Monaghan, the show has not only grown, but flourished. We hope our best episodes are yet to come.

And while the Regional Emmy® Award serves as a wonderful affirmation of our success, one which we undoubtedly will relish the rest of our days, our biggest success has been to keep this show going. We are still churning out show after show. I think I speak for our entire CliffDweller team when I say this. And thankfully we live in a state so beautiful, so diverse, so rich in history and culture, we have endless content and opportunities for storytelling. This is also our reward.

The statuette standing on my desk is the visual reminder, the tangible symbol we are not only doing a good job, but an exceptional one. And I am so grateful to have this validation. Being recognized for your work is a powerful thing. It is a testament to what can be achieved when you put your heart into something, and you believe in yourself, even when it seems everything is stacked against you.

When I first shared the news to everyone back at CliffDweller Digital, emailing them from the ceremony, all I could say is "We won! Beaming." And nine days later, I'm still beaming. I think I will be for a while.

New Mexico True Television

79 Letters from Artesia, New Mexico

10 November

This past week I received a packet from Artesia, NM. In this packet were 79 letters – along with photos – from the students of Alayna Guidry's 7th grade NM History classes at Artesia Intermediate School. As it turns out, Ms. Guidry utilizes segments from "New Mexico True Television" in her classroom, and as we have not yet filmed in their town, the students felt compelled to write in to us, sharing the many reasons why we absolutely must make our way to Artesia for the show.

It worked. I am inspired.

Artesia, New MexicoArtesia, New Mexico

From the history of the town to its top restaurants, these kids informed me on the many facets of Artesia worthy of airtime on the show. After reading, I felt flattered, honored, impressed, and excited by their enthusiasm not only for our show, but the love they have for their hometown.

Through their letters I sensed the pride they have in being New Mexican – pride I feel myself. And if we can continue to build on that love through travel and storytelling, we are doing our job. These kids are a critical part of our audience – they are our future travelers. For them to connect with the show and feel impassioned by what we share each week validates our work, and motivates me on a whole other level. I cannot wait to meet them.

So if you read this, thank you, students of Ms. G's history classes. I hope we continue to make you proud.

Melinda FrameSee you soon. Stay curious.

Producer / Director / Writer / Shooter / Editor

Congratulations to All of the 2015 Albuquerque Business First's Top CEOs Honorees

11 September

Richard HolcombEspecially our Founder, Richard Holcomb!

Juliana Vadnais, Digital Producer for Albuquerque Business First writes, 'CEOs and high level executives handle a lot of responsibilities and work — some high-profile and much behind the scenes. Business First recognizes the ambition, effort and time these leaders put in every day through our Top CEOs awards. Join us in honoring 20 individuals and the work they do to keep their companies thriving.'

Learn more about the 2015 Albuquerque Business First's Top CEOs award and the honorees here.



A Thrilling (And Filling) Review Mentioning New Mexico True Television

27 August

The crew at CliffDweller Digital is really proud to have one of our television shows, 'New Mexico True Television' featured in an article at Gil's Thrilling (And Filling) Blog. If you haven't visited Gil's blog ( yet, you must. Here is the description from his website, 'Follow the Culinary Ruminations of New Mexico's Sesquipedalian Sybarite. 880 Restaurant Reviews, More Than 7000 Visitor Comments…And Counting!'

In his review of Monica’s El Portal, he mentioned not only the television show, but also the commercials, many of which we also produce.

Here is a sample of his great writing, 'As we luxuriate over steamy mugs of freshly ground coffee on lazy Sunday mornings before church, my Kim and I tune in eagerly to New Mexico True, an invigorating half-hour of adventure and travel that feeds the soul and captures the imagination.  Hearts swelled with pride, we live vicariously through host Michael Newman as he treks throughout our breathtaking home state.  We don’t even change the channel during commercials.  Why would we?  The commercials depict even more of the Land of Enchantment.'

Read the entire review of Monica’s El Portal at

Gertrude Zachary Jewelry

Gertrude Zachary - Jewelry

16 June

We were privileged to produce two video segments for Gertrude Zachary for our Who Rocks New Mexico show... one featuring their antiques, and one featuring their world-class jewelry.
Gertrude Zachary was a true visionary. It was her amazing sense of grace and style that put her on the map in the Native American Jewelry industry.
Born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany, she moved to Albuquerque in her early 20s. Soon after she arrived in New Mexico, she saw something missing from the Native American jewelry on the market – contemporary lines.
Today Gertrude Zachary designs are available in two locations in Albuquerque, one near Historic Old Town and one in Nob Hill.  Clients come from around the globe to purchase one-of-a-kind pieces created by the Gertrude Zachary artisans.

Visit the Getrude Zachary website

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