Heart Attack at 1,500 feet

A Video for the American Heart Association


On Camera

The PowerlinesDuring the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta last year, hot air balloon pilot, Doug Lenberg, had a heart attack while piloting his balloon filled with passengers at 1500 feet.  Needing to land as soon as possible, he barely landed the balloon in a parking lot.  With his passengers safely on the ground, Doug collapsed as his chase crew arrived.
Learn more about this exciting story, Mission Lifeline, heart health and much more by watching the video we produced for the American Heart Association…


Behind the Scenes

Drones were utilized during a couple of scenes in the American Heart Association video we recently produced.

Dan Schueler on a Gurney with a Drone Chuck Tjeltweed, our Chief Videographer, filmed some amazing POV (Point of View) Drone shots when Doug describes almost hitting the power lines and then landing in the Calvary Chapel parking lot.

Not to be outdone in the creativity department, Daniel Schueler, our Production Director, took a gurney, a nurse and another one of our Drones to re-create the scene where Doug is brought into the hospital. To carry the narrative along both visually and audibly, many additional subtle effects were used during the edit including music, fades and contrast shifts.