How We Do It!

10 February

Life in the video production word is something to behold.  A simple idea becomes a story.  The story becomes a story board.  The story board becomes a script (although many times only talking points or ideas).  The script comes to life when the CliffDweller crew hits the street and starts to film.

Today it seems everyone is getting into video and editing on their phones, tablets, etc.  Video to share with friends and family.  In our case, it’s a little different.   We use multiple cameras and crews along with new drone technology to bring stories to life.  It’s a group effort and our staff of 10 pitch in as needed to make sure the story works exactly as our partners were hoping.

Not an easy task.  A simple one minute video can take hours to film and more to edit.  We work on the theory that for every hour of video we shoot … it takes two hours to edit properly … including graphics…music…sound and talent!

Our award winning team of videographers … audio experts … writers … editors and incredibly creative staff are what makes CliffDweller the #1 Video Production company in New Mexico year after year.