Values That Drive CliffDweller Digital’s Web Design

Our approach to web design incorporates core values that help our web team achieve the best possible results for our clients. Some of the values that drive us are:

· Brand and Identity

· Uniqueness

· Content, Content and Content

Brand and Identity
Your brand and identity embrace much more than just your logo.  In terms of your website, colors, font styles, design, messaging, and, most importantly, your story, are all part of your brand and identity.

The success of your brand can be measured by perception…what people think and say about you.  If you look like a different company on TV than you do in print or online, or if you lack clarity and consistency in your message, people will be confused and the power of your brand will be diminished.

Our goal is to clearly define your brand with every aspect of your website…and use that as the foundation to tell your story in the most clear, compelling, and motivational way possible.

As any business, you have products and services, whether tangible or intangible, but so do your competitors. We want to know what sets you apart…what makes you different from everyone else…your “why”…in order to develop a meaningful connection with your site visitors.   

To understand the ‘why’ connection, ponder Apple’s products versus offerings from Microsoft, Google, etc. Apple’s ‘why.’ is so strong that many customers purchase new iterations of the iPhone & iPad every year, without the “need” to do so!  Bravo Apple!

We want your website viewers to see you as one-of-a-kind, which means that your site must be one-of-a-kind as well.  We’ll build your site from the ground up…and we’ll incorporate all the elements of your brand to ensure your site stands apart from the competition and gets results!

Content, Content and Content
Content truly is king…good content, artfully organized and written.  In today’s world of bite-sized information, content still is everything, whether the viewer is a person, robot or spider (i.e. search engine crawler).  The more relevant the content is to the visitor, the more likely they are going to connect with your company, products and services. And while short, compelling headlines and overviews are important, your best customers will want more detail and will appreciate the opportunity to dig deeper.

These are just a few of our values that apply to our web design. In a future article I will share the values that drive us as a team.