A Thrilling (And Filling) Review Mentioning New Mexico True Television

The crew at CliffDweller Digital is really proud to have one of our television shows, 'New Mexico True Television' featured in an article at Gil's Thrilling (And Filling) Blog. If you haven't visited Gil's blog (www.nmgastronome.com) yet, you must. Here is the description from his website, 'Follow the Culinary Ruminations of New Mexico's Sesquipedalian Sybarite. 880 Restaurant Reviews, More Than 7000 Visitor Comments…And Counting!'

In his review of Monica’s El Portal, he mentioned not only the television show, but also the commercials, many of which we also produce.

Here is a sample of his great writing, 'As we luxuriate over steamy mugs of freshly ground coffee on lazy Sunday mornings before church, my Kim and I tune in eagerly to New Mexico True, an invigorating half-hour of adventure and travel that feeds the soul and captures the imagination.  Hearts swelled with pride, we live vicariously through host Michael Newman as he treks throughout our breathtaking home state.  We don’t even change the channel during commercials.  Why would we?  The commercials depict even more of the Land of Enchantment.'

Read the entire review of Monica’s El Portal at www.nmgastronome.com/?p=37540.