Who Rocks New Mexico

30 May

CliffDweller Digital has produced over 1500 half-hour television programs over the last 15 years, including our local business show, Who Rocks New Mexico?

Who Rocks New Mexico?

Is a local New Mexico television program that highlights the different businesses of New Mexico. 

Wolf Daddy's Pack Life

30 May

Wolf Daddy’s Pack Life is an exciting new series, coming to FidoTV, about the life and trials of the crew of the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in scenic New Mexico.

Video On The Web

15 May

Today, video is everywhere.  Facebook, YouTube, mobile, drones, online, television.

If you are not utilizing video, then you are behind the curve.

Video is the most effective means of communication today, and CliffDweller Digital does video like no one else. 

Video Production

15 May

In the market today, everyone is using video, that’s why it is even more important than ever to have professional quality video production services.

CliffDweller Digital can help.

CliffDweller Digital, is the largest video production company in the state, with Regional Emmy Award winning television programming, CliffDweller Digital has the expertise to make your video a reality. 

Who Rocks New Mexico

30 March

We are proud that over the past 14 years, we have produced more than fifteen hundred half hour television programs airing throughout New Mexico and our surrounding states.  It’s been an uplifting experience to show our residents and neighbors just how great our businesses are.  

With our show, Who Rocks New Mexico, we’ve learned a lot, about companies that give back in ways both big and small, and most often tend to do it quietly and without fanfare.   

These are fantastic businesses; from a local auto repair establishment, to a dentist.  This same dentist not only makes your smile better but also spearheads an organization that, in the course of one weekend a year, provides free dental care to over a thousand people, who otherwise couldn’t afford to have their teeth cared for.  

A fencing company that builds much more than fences; they also help youngsters grow into wonderful adults.  A children’s home that strives to keep siblings together, and become productive adults.  

We have several partners that have been with us for many years.  Why?  Because Who Rocks New Mexico makes their phone ring.  Just ask the folks at Sunrise Medical Clinic in Santa Rosa!

With Who Rocks New Mexico, it doesn’t matter what your business is; our job is to tell your story in an engaging way that keeps our audience glued to your every word.  All with the end goal to increase your bottom line, while getting the word out about why you Rock New Mexico!


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