Richard Holcomb

Why We Do What We Do

10 December

We get to share the stories of our clients, and help them succeed at what they do. This is awesome, and one of the reasons we do this is because of our mentor, Richard Holcomb. He also happens to be the founder of our company, CliffDweller Digital. Watch the video to see and hear who mentored him.

79 Letters from Artesia, New Mexico

10 November

This past week I received a packet from Artesia, NM. In this packet were 79 letters – along with photos – from the students of Alayna Guidry's 7th grade NM History classes at Artesia Intermediate School. As it turns out, Ms. Guidry utilizes segments from "New Mexico True Television" in her classroom, and as we have not yet filmed in their town, the students felt compelled to write in to us, sharing the many reasons why we absolutely must make our way to Artesia for the show.

It worked. I am inspired.

Artesia, New Mexico Artesia, New Mexico

From the history of the town to its top restaurants, these kids informed me on the many facets of Artesia worthy of airtime on the show. After reading, I felt flattered, honored, impressed, and excited by their enthusiasm not only for our show, but the love they have for their hometown.

Through their letters I sensed the pride they have in being New Mexican – pride I feel myself. And if we can continue to build on that love through travel and storytelling, we are doing our job. These kids are a critical part of our audience – they are our future travelers. For them to connect with the show and feel impassioned by what we share each week validates our work, and motivates me on a whole other level. I cannot wait to meet them.

So if you read this, thank you, students of Ms. G's history classes. I hope we continue to make you proud.

Melinda FrameSee you soon. Stay curious.

Producer / Director / Writer / Shooter / Editor

CliffDweller Digital Vlog - 10/19/15

Michael Newman on Good Day New Mexico

20 October

Recently, Michael Newman, the host of New Mexico True Television, had the opportunity to be interviewed on Good Day New Mexico. During the interview they recapped some of the amazing moments from the show and even shared some never before seen footage from the San Lorenzo Canyon.

Follow Michael’s adventures every Sunday morning on KOB 4 at 8:30 am.

Click any of the links below for segments featured on Good Day New Mexico:

New Mexico True Television 'White Sands'

New Mexico True Television 'Glider'

New Mexico True Television 'Tinkertown Museum'

New Mexico True Television 'San Lorenzo Canyon'

New Mexico True Television 'Bisti Badlands'

New Mexico True Television 'Square Dancing'


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