The Facts …Nothing But the Facts!

20 March

Like it or not, video has become the most impactful way to speak to your audience.  Usurv, recently did a survey that concluded, if you want visitors to your site to share and interact with your content, delivering it via video is the best way to go.  According to the same study, consumers are 39% more likely to share content if it’s delivered via video, 36 percent more likely to comment, and 56 percent more likely to give that video a coveted “like.”

82% of businesses surveyed said that using video has had a positive impact on their business.  We recently learned that video is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined!  If you are using one of our videos, say from Who Rocks New Mexico, on your website landing page, visitors are 88% more likely to stay on the site longer.

The list goes on and on.  Bottom line is that today, video isn’t a novelty, it’s a necessity.  

With the average consumer watching a whopping 206 internet videos a month, it’s clear you need real professionals to help you map out a great video strategy to get your business noticed.

Finally, and most importantly, the video world is only going to increase in importance.   Do you have your video plan in place to stay ahead of the curve?  If not, it’s time to get one! 

How We Do It!

10 February

Life in the video production word is something to behold.  A simple idea becomes a story.  The story becomes a story board.  The story board becomes a script (although many times only talking points or ideas).  The script comes to life when the CliffDweller crew hits the street and starts to film.

Today it seems everyone is getting into video and editing on their phones, tablets, etc.  Video to share with friends and family.  In our case, it’s a little different.   We use multiple cameras and crews along with new drone technology to bring stories to life.  It’s a group effort and our staff of 10 pitch in as needed to make sure the story works exactly as our partners were hoping.

Not an easy task.  A simple one minute video can take hours to film and more to edit.  We work on the theory that for every hour of video we shoot … it takes two hours to edit properly … including graphics…music…sound and talent!

Our award winning team of videographers … audio experts … writers … editors and incredibly creative staff are what makes CliffDweller the #1 Video Production company in New Mexico year after year.

Big News & Gratitude

17 October

A week ago last Saturday was a momentous occasion. Reflecting on it now, the surprise and elation is still as present as it was then. 

On October 8th, the NM True Crew won Regional Emmy® Awards for our work on New Mexico True Television, the series garnering the award in the Magazine Program category. 

I know we have earned this. I know the pride I feel in the show. I know the many people, places, and stories we have shared deserve this. But it still humbles me. And it still feels surreal.

When the show first started, I felt undermanned and short of resources. And crafting six shows in the time allotted for our pilot season was a serious challenge, to say the least. But we did it. And CliffDweller Digital was contracted to do another season. And it kept going. We're still doing it today, nearly three years later. Even three days ago, when we arrived onsite for a shoot, the locals couldn't believe there were only three of us in the field. They expected at least 15 people. And while at one point I felt undermanned, today I feel like we have the perfect unit. I love my team. I truly believe it is our unique dynamic, our work ethic, our passion for what we are doing, and the relationships we have formed in every corner of this state, that have contributed to our success.

New Mexico True Television Wins Regional Emmy 

Beyond the ‘NM True Crew’ – Michael Newman (host, editor), James Blackburn (videographer, editor), and myself – we have been fortunate to pull on the support of the rest of the CliffDweller Digital team. We would not be where we are without them. Sharing in this achievement are Dan Schueler (an integral part of our editing team), Heather Holcomb, Richard Holcomb, Janine Sjostrom, Chuck Tjeltweed, Cindy Melo, and Alf Barreiro.

With the continued support and encouragement from the New Mexico Tourism Department, particularly Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Latham and Video Services Manager Dan Monaghan, the show has not only grown, but flourished. We hope our best episodes are yet to come.

And while the Regional Emmy® Award serves as a wonderful affirmation of our success, one which we undoubtedly will relish the rest of our days, our biggest success has been to keep this show going. We are still churning out show after show. I think I speak for our entire CliffDweller team when I say this. And thankfully we live in a state so beautiful, so diverse, so rich in history and culture, we have endless content and opportunities for storytelling. This is also our reward.

The statuette standing on my desk is the visual reminder, the tangible symbol we are not only doing a good job, but an exceptional one. And I am so grateful to have this validation. Being recognized for your work is a powerful thing. It is a testament to what can be achieved when you put your heart into something, and you believe in yourself, even when it seems everything is stacked against you.

When I first shared the news to everyone back at CliffDweller Digital, emailing them from the ceremony, all I could say is "We won! Beaming." And nine days later, I'm still beaming. I think I will be for a while.

New Mexico True Television


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